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Scoreboard Pix
Need a pair of LED Scoreboards for your race track? RaceAmerica manufactures a full line of LED Scoreboards designed specifically for drag racing applications and interface to more than just RaceAmerica timing systems. Available digits sizes include 24in/60cm, 15in/38cm, 8in/20cm and 5in/13cm tall digits. These intelligent scoreboards are microprocessor controlled and utilize the latest technology Ultra-Bright LED's (Light Emitting Diodes). All RaceAmerica Scoreboards are designed to connect to standard 110VAC or 230VAC power or 24VDC/12VDC power or use an optional Internal Rechargable Battery. With no moving parts to wear out, the solid state design increases reliability significantly and reduces the cost of owning scoreboards at your drag race. RaceAmerica's Scoreboards are available to connect to all RaceAmerica drag timing system as well as Compulink and Portatree systems using hardwired or wireless data links.

RaceAmerica can interface these scoreboards to just about any manufacturer's timing system. The Wireless Data Comm Link can also be used to connect these scoreboards to other vendor's equipment. Contact RaceAmerica with your scoreboard needs and see how easy it is to add scoreboards to your existing race track.

Scoreboard Model Number & Option Cross Reference Chart
Drag Timer
Win Light
24in/60cm RaceAmerica 6428 6410 Yes Yes -
RaceAmerica 6628 6610 Yes Yes
8in/20cm RaceAmerica 6828 6810 - Yes
DIAL-IN RaceAmerica 4528 - - -
24in/60cm Compulink
6429 6411 - Yes
6629 6611 - Yes
8in/20cm Portatree 6827 6812 - Yes
  • Owner's Manual for 5in/13cm and 8in/20cm Scoreboards
  • Owner's Manual for 15in/38cm and 24in/60cm Scoreboards
  • Owner's Manual - scoreboards compatible with COMPULINK
  • Owner's Manual - scoreboards compatible with PORTATREE GOLD & SILVER
  • Owner's Manual - scoreboards compatible with PORTATREE ELIMINATOR 2000
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    Scoreboard Features

    RaceAmerica Drag Racing Scoreboards are available in a combination of digit sizes and number of display lines. The feature set of these scoreboards can present race results as they happen to the crowd and keep the crowd informed when the racing action will resume with the unique scoreboard clock functions. Single Line models can be configured to display the Elapsed Time for each lane and flash the winning lane's time. Single Line Scoreboards can also be configured to toggle the scoreboard between the Elasped Time and display the Vehicle Speed.

    Single Line Scoreboards
    Toggle ET & Speed
    Single Pix
    Single Line Scoreboards
    Winner Indication
    Win Pix
    Dual Line Scoreboards
    ET and Dial-ins
    Dual Line Pix
    Dual Line Scoreboards
    ET, Speed, Winner Indication
    Dual Line Pix
    Dial-in Pix
    Reaction Time
    RT Pix
    Time of Day
    RT Pix
    RT Pix
    Dial-ins can be displayed during staging and Reaction Time can be displayed when the vehicles leave the start line. Dual Line Scoreboards can display the Elapsed Time and Vehicle Speed at the same time on two separate lines as well as the Reaction Times and Dial-ins at the start of the race. Both Single Line and Dual Line Scoreboards can also display a Countdown Clock or Time-of-Day Clock to keep the crowd informed during breaks in the race action. Options on most models include an Internal Battery with External AC Charger and Wireless Connection to the timing system to eliminate the time and need to run data communications wires down the track.
    (Reaction Time and Clock functions available dependent upon the drag timing system model and manufacturer).

    Dial-in Boards
    24 LEDs Pix Model 4528 Dial-in Boards are installed at the start line for drivers to confirm their dial-ins prior to the race. Dial-in Boards received the Dial-ins from the timing system and clear the boards after the drivers leave the starting line. Model 4528 consists of two 4-digit displays with 5in/20cm Ultra Bright LED digits.

    “The RaceAmerica LED scoreboards and their wireless communication systems have been thoroughly road tested. Despite a rigorous shipping schedule, having traveled to more than 50 locations with our team in a single year; the equipment worked perfectly every time.”
    ----- Brian Bassone, Pinks All Out- Arm Drop Racing

    Win Lights for Scoreboards
    24 LEDs Pix The Scoreboard Win Light is an accessory for the latest RaceAmerica 15in/38cm and 24in/61cm scoreboards. Power and data are received from the adjacent scoreboard with a short 10ft cable. The Win light will illuminate for the winning lane after each race and operate based on the scoreboard parameters (Hold time). The display is viewable at wide angles and in conditions from full sun to total darkness without adjustment. The display is easily hung or bolted to a frame for viewing up to 1320ft away. Click here for more details.

    Closeup Size Comparison of LED Scoreboards
    24 LEDs Pix 15 LEDs Pix 8 LEDs Pix 5 LEDs Pix
    24in/60cm Digit
    252 LEDs
    15in/38cm Digit
    126 LEDs
    8in/20cm Digit
    42 LEDs
    5in/13cm Digit
    28 LEDs
    24in/60cm Tall Digits
    Models 6428, 6429, 6410, 6411

    Model 6428 Single Line Scoreboards and the Dual Line Scoreboard model 6410, are designed to display RT's, Dial-ins, and Race Results for tracks up to 1/4 mile and 402 meter. The 24 inch tall digit is designed to be viewable up to 1,000 feet (305 meter) away in full sunlight. Each lane of model 6410 consists of two 24 inch scoreboards, mounted as individual scoreboards, forming a dual line scoreboard for each lane.
    Power Inputs24VDC,110VAC,230VAC
    Dimensions 6410/164in x 112-1/2in x 4in
    Dimensions 6428/929in x 112-1/2in x 4in
    Data CommRS422/485 and Wireless
    15in/38cm Tall Digits
    Models 6628, 6629, 6610, 6611, 6612

    Model 6628 form a Single Line, Dual Lane Scoreboard and Model 6610 form a Dual Line, Dual Lane Scoreboard. Model 6610, designed to display RT's, Dial-ins, and Race Results for tracks up to 1/8 mile and 201 meter. The 15 inch tall digit is designed to be viewable up to 660 feet (201 meter) away in full sunlight.
    Power Inputs12VDC,110VAC,230VAC
    Dimensions 6628/922-1/4in x 64in x 4in
    Dimensions 6610/145in x 64in x 4in
    Data CommRS422/485 and Wireless
    8in/20cm Tall Digits
    Models 6828, 6810

    Model 6828 Single Line Scoreboards and the Dual Line version, Model 6810, are designed to display RT's, Dial-ins, and Race Results at the end of the track for sorter or up to 320 feet away from crowd at longer race tracks. Each lane of model 6810 is a single scoreboard with two lines of display per lane.
    Power Inputs12VDC,110VAC,230VAC
    Dimensions 682814-1/4in x 46-3/4in x 3in
    Dimensions 681037in x 111-1/2in x 4in
    Data CommRS232 and Wireless
    5in/13cm Tall Digits
    Model 4528

    Model 4528 Dial-in are designed to be close to the drivers on the track or close to the crowd off the track. Model 4528 Scoreboards are viewable up to 200 feet away in full sunlight.
    Power Inputs12VDC,110VAC,230VAC
    Dimensions11-1/2in x 29-5/8in x 3in
    Data CommRS232 and Wireless

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