Scoreboard Win Lights

Win Lights Pix Add Win Lights to your track for the drivers or for the crowd or both. Scoreboard Win Lights can be controlled by existing 15in/38cm or 24in/61cm RaceAmerica LED Scoreboards and Wireless Win Lights can be added to RaceAmerica Drag Timing Systems.
Model 6703A Win Lights for Scoreboards
The Scoreboard Win Light is an accessory to the latest RaceAmerica 15in/38cm and 24in/61cm scoreboards. Power and data are received from the scoreboard with a 10ft interconnect cable. The Win Light illuminates and flashes the winning lane after each race. The Win Light is viewable at wide angles and in conditions from full sun to total darkness without adjustment. The Win Light is easily hung or bolted to a frame for viewing anywhere on the track.
Win Lights

Model 6703AW & 6703AWB Wireless Win Lights
Wireless Win Lights are free standing and can be added to RaceAmerica's model 2700 XL Wireless, 2850 XL Professional, and 2650 XL Advanced Drag Timing Systems. The integrated wireless link allows these Win Lights to be placed anywhere on the track for the drivers or for the crowd. Model 6703AW requires a 12VDC power source or 110VAC power adapter. Model 6703ABW contains an Internal Rechargable Battery capable of operating the entire event on a single charge.
Win Lights