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The XL Professional (hardwired) Drag Race Timing System was designed for race tracks with professional style racing in mind. The XL Pro offers dual micro processor technologies, accurate to 0.001, follows NHRA rules/guidelines for timing equipment and offers full control by the tower officials using RaceAmerica’s proprietary software XLscore PRO.

XLscore PRO is run using an easy to follow interface on a windows based computer running a variety of operating systems. (Computer provided by track)

This system has everything a pro level organization needs including all ET times needed throughout the track. See Features and Track Diagrams for more details.

Being located in the heart of Silicon Valley( San Jose) California with a extensive background in technology, RaceAmerica has been able to design and manufacture in house a pro level system that is accurate, secure, and durable in all environments.

Optional hardwired or wireless scoreboards and printers are available for this system. Ask us about it.

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  • XLscore PRO Race Management PC Software compatible
  • DTSS LED Tree and Classic Drag Tree compatible
  • Pro and Full starting tree with 0.400 and 0.500 timing
  • Crosstalk feature with Full tree and Dial-ins
  • Programmable Autostart by Class with XLscore PC software
  • Bluelight disqualify staging with XLscore PC software
  • Selectable Perfect RT of 0.000 or 0.400/0.500
  • Selectable number of redlights, First or Both lanes
  • Built-in RS232 and RS422 Communication Ports for Timeslip Printers and Scoreboards
  • Plug Compatible with RaceAmerica Wireless Data Comm Links
  • Optional ET's at 60FT, 330FT/101M, 660FT/201M, 1000FT/305M
  • Optional Speed Detection available in either MPH or Km/H
  • Selectable number of redlights, First or Both lanes
  • Designed for Drag Racing, Mud Bogs, ATV, and Snowmobiles
  • Winning Lane, Dial-in/Bracket Breakout, and Redlight indicated on the Tree
  • Full Pre-staging and Staging and optional Guard Beams
  • Sensor Alignment Testing shown on PC as well as the Tree for Easy Setup
  • Disable Track Electronics from the Tower when failures occur during racing action
  • Customizable Timeslip Header, Driver's Names, and Class on the Timeslip
  • Choice of Start Line Beams
  • - Single beam Stage
    - Dual beam Pre-stage & Stage
    - Dual beam Stage & Guard
    - Tri beam Pre-stage, Stage & Guard

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60FT ET (seconds)0.000 to 90.00
330FT/101M ET (seconds)0.000 to 90.00
660FT/201M ET (seconds)0.000 to 90.00
1,000FT/305M ET (seconds)0.000 to 90.00
1,320FT/402M ET (seconds)0.000 to 90.00

660FT/201M Speed (MPH or Km/H)0.00 to 400.00
1,320FT/402M Speed (MPH or Km/H)0.00 to 400.00

Reaction Time (seconds)0.000 to 9.999
Hi-Speed Car DetectionEncoded infrared beam
System Control TypePC or Starter's Button
Alternate System ControlXLscore PC Software
XL Professional Power12VDC, 110VAC, 230VAC
IR Beam EmitterFour AA size or Four C size

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What do I get when I order an XL Professional timing system?
Model 2900P includes the Solid State DTSS LED 'Christmas' Tree, the XL Timing Electronics, RaceAmerica's XLscore PRO Control and Race Management PC Software, 100 foot PC interconnect cable, our race proven Infrared technology Beam Emitters and Track Sensors, and a choice of track cable styles and lengths to get you up and running.
Can I upgrade my 2600, 2650, 2800, or 2850 to the 2900 XL Professional?
All 2600 and 2650 XL Advanced models as well as 2800 and 2850 XL Professional models can be upgraded to the 2900 XL Professional timing system. In general, your existing tree, start beams, 60FT and Finish beams can all be reused with an upgrade to the 2900 XL Professional. Pricing varies based on what features already exist on the customer's current equipment and timing system. A great way to reinvest in your timing system and add more features.
What does the Standard XLscore PRO PC Software do?
XLscore PRO controls and displays realtime status of events on the race track. Sensor Alignment, Tree Operation, Race Results, entry of Dialins and Driver's Names, and Timeslip Printing. The software even provides for editing of a two line header printed at the top of every timeslip. Capability to enter your Race Classes and Registration of Drivers by class is also included. Racing actions progresses through Practice Rounds, Qualifying Rounds and Eliminations Rounds each with pop-up style windows containing a list of registered drivers in the selected class. 16-car NHRA style ladders are on-screen as well as a Single Elimination format with Report Printouts and Qualifying Standings.
What do I need to buy in addition to the 2900 timing system?
Provide 110VAC or 230VAC for the tree, a PC with a Pentium or higher processor and a minimum 64Mb of memory The IR Beam Emitters use four AA size and D size batteries, alkaline or Ni-Cad, or optional AC powered emitters are also available.
What do I need to do to print timeslips?
Model 2900P includes the capability to print dual lane timeslips with the addition of one of RaceAmerica"s Timeslip Printers. RaceAmerica offers printer packages and printer cables to connect printers to the XL timing system for printing on the track, or connect to the PC for printing in the tower. Each timeslip contains a 4-line header entered into the XLscore PRO PC software. Everyone who races could walk away with your name and phone number on their timeslip!
How are the track cables routed down the track to the finish line, speed, and intermediate ET sensors?
Cables can be routed down the routed OUTSIDE the track from start to finish or routed down the CENTERLINE of the track. When routed outside each lane, a dual sided IR Beam Emitter is placed between the lanes encased in a Custom Protective Foam Stand. The Beam Emitters are operated from four C-style flashlight batteries hidden in the Foam Stand. This eliminates all cabling from the racing surface and eliminates the need to run power to all the track electronics.
What if my track length is not a standard length?
RaceAmerica sells a wide variety of cable lengths. Standard lengths include 500 foot and 660 foot cables for snowmobile applications, 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile for fullsize dragstrip applications, and 300 foot cables for ATV and Mud Bog racing applications. RaceAmerica can custom manufacture a cable to match your track length from as short as a few feet to as long as a 1/4 mile.

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