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With a goal to maximize viewability and flexibility of a safety light product on a race track, RaceAmerica designed a digital version incorporating industrial grade video panels manufactured by RaceAmerica. Full compatibility with existing RaceAmerica Track Safety Light product line is maintained by incorporating the same control electronics and PC control software. The result is our Digital Safety Flag product line designed for larger race tracks capable of displaying full fabric flag images. DSF version 2 is now 50% brighter and 15% larger.

Digital Safety Flags are available in several models to operate from standard AC power or DC power sources via a 150W upverter. Data communications between the tower and the Digital Safety Flags can be through a proprietary wireless link or connected to the track's existing IP Network. The combination of wireless and DC powered enables the Digital Safety Flag to be mounted at locations where no power or communications are available.

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Traditional Single Color Flags
solid flags Digital Safety Flags can display all the traditional single color flags like red, green. blue, yellow and white as well as custom colors. All single color flags can display as a solid color flag, or slow blink or fast flash to get attention.
Sample fabric flag images displayed on the Digital Safety Flag

Fabric flag images have been copied digitally and converted into downloadable flag files. Full color flag images can be displayed on the Digital Safety Flag as solid images, flashing images, alternate with car number or alternate with a second flag. Digital Safety Flags are shipped preloaded with up to (13) thirteen flag images selected by the track from 64 available flags in addition to solid/flashing colors to match the requirements of the race venues.
Features and Options:
  • 13 customer selected flags, 64 flags available
  • Custom flags designed to meet track needs
  • Add car number to any flag, even the checkered flag
  • Alternate with a second flag when two flags need to be displayed
  • Optional Hardwired Hand Controller with configurable flags
  • Standalone operation from Hand Controller as well as Tower
  • Wireless and IP Network communications
  • Optional Rear Repeater
  • 110VAC/230VAC input, 12VDC via a 150W Upverter
  • Simple pole mount, horizontal or vertical
  • Digital Safety Flag Demonstartion Video
    View the video for a demonstration of the Digital Safety Flag features and functionality operated by the TrackSafetyDigitalEX PC software and the Hardwired Hand Controller.

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    Standard Flags:Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and White
    Custom Flag Storage:64 custom or standard fabric flag images
    Flags Displayed:Solid, flashing, alternate with car number.
    Controller:PC software and hardwired hand controller.
    LED Count:3,072 LEDs in RGB format
    Color Capability:Over 1,024 colors
    LED Panel Pitch:19.8mm physical, 10.1mm 'virtual' pitch with pixel sharing enabled
    Flag Resolution:32x32 pixel physical, 63x63 'virtual' with pixel sharing enabled
    Hand Controllers:Hardwired 10-button and 15-button models available
    Rear Repeater:Optional rear facing repeater confirms flag selection behind the DSF
    Power Input:110VAC/230VAC Auto-sensing
    12VDC using an external 150W Upverter
    Power Draw:125W max
    Data communications:Proprietary Wireless built in or connection to an IP Network using IPTrackNet
    Dimensions:33.5in H x 33.5in W x 3.5in D
    85.1cm H x 85.1cm W x 8.9cm D
    Environmental:IP65 compliant, designed for longterm outdoor use
    Mounting Pattern:2.75in/7.0cm square with 10/32in x 3/8in screw

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    How does the Digital Safety Flag display flag images?
    Digital Safety Flags combine industrial grade video panels with RaceAmerica's track safety control electronics. Flag images are stored in each Digital Safety Flag and recalled as still, blinking, flashing or animated images of fabric flags.
    Can I select the flags for my track?
    Each flag is a digital image preloaded into the Digital Safety Flag at the factory. Each unique set of flag images is assigned a Flag Set Number to insure all Digital Safety Flags contain the same flag images matched to your track. When additional Digital Safety Flags are ordered, your assigned Flag Set will be loaded prior to shipment.
    Are the Digital Safety Flags sealed units?
    Digital Safety Flags meet IP65 rating for long term outdoor use and installation.
    What type of DC power sourses can I use?
    Model 6715 Digital Safety Flag can be powered by a 12VDC source using an external 150W Upverter, a 12VDC battery, or a solar panel with a regulated output.
    Can I use the Digital Safety Flag with my existing Track Safety Lights?
    All models of Digital Safety Flags are fully compatible with Raceamerica's Track Safety Light product line. The PC software detects the models of DSF and TSL and configures automaically to allow seemless operation.
    Are the Digital Safety Flag compliant with FIA standards?
    Yes, all models of Digital Safety Flag comply with FIA standards and operational requirements.
    Are the Digital Safety Flags complatible with MyLaps?
    Yes, MyLaps Orbit4 and Orbits5 software communicates with our TrackSafety Digital software to control all Digital Safety Flags on track.
    Can I dim the Digital Safety Flags for night racing?
    Brightness control is controlled by the TrackSafety Digital software. Brightness level is variable and can be set to match ambient light conditions from full sunlight to nighttime conditions.

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