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RaceAmerica introduces affordable Large Digital Displays to bring the crowd into your racing action. Available in 24in/61cm, 15in/38cm, and 8in/20cm Tall Digits Combinations of 6, 5, or 4 Digit Displays and optional Internal Wireless Data Communications. These Large Digital Displays are microprocessor based intelligent displays using the latest technology Ultra-Bright LED's (Light Emitting Diodes). These are no ordinary LED's. By incorporating the latest LED technology, RaceAmerica's Displays can be seen clearly with full sunlight shining directly into the front of the displays!

All RaceAmerica Large Digital Displays are designed to connect to standard 110VAC or 230VAC power using our AC Adapters or many can be powered by a 12 volt DC power such as an automotive battery. The low power consumption level of these displays makes it possible to run a full day and night event on a single battery charge. With no moving parts to wear out, the solid state design increases reliability significantly and reduces the cost of owning displays at your autocross race event. RaceAmerica's Large Digital Displays are available in three digit heights to match placement on the track, in front of the drivers, and to show the race results to the crowd.

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Check out the full set of features offered with this display and the capabilities to interface to just about anything with an RS232 serial port.

time display Standard Display
The Large Digital Display can display standard race times in both minutes/seconds format (m:ss.fff) or in seconds only format (sss.fff). This configuration is fully compatible to other displays using standard command string formats used by most displays on the market today.
autox display PC Race Management Software
Connecting this display to a PC running race management software, the display demonstrates the unique features designed around Autocross racing events. Each time a car passes through the finish line, the PC sends the display information about the current run time, the driver's best run, and where the driver is in the standings.
sign display Other Features
For the programmer, custom features can easily be incorporated into the software program. Taking advantage of the 7-segment design and the fast response time of the display, messages can be presented to the crowd using numbers, almost all the letters of the alphabet, and selected punctuation. The display also includes a Time of Day Clock which can be set and displayed with a simple command from a PC. A backwards counting Countdown Timer is also available for those events where setting a timer keeps the racing action moving.

-- RS232 communications protocol, 9600 baud
-- Communication over100 feet using model 4500A RS422 POD
-- Power Requirements: 11.5VDC to 12.6VDC
-- Ultra-Bright Red LED Technology


We have confirmed the RaceAmerica Large Digital Displays are compatible with the following timers and PC based Autocross software:
-- RaceAmerica Timer AC4 Autocross Timing Systems
-- AXWRATS Autocross Timing Systems by Axware Systems
-- Axware PC Race Management Software
-- J A Circuits timers with PC/serial port
-- Tag Heuer Chronoprinter 502 with PC /serial port
-- Tag Heuer Chronoprinter 520 and Chronoprinter 705
-- AutoX/TS PC race management software
-- GPSoftware PC race management software
-- Direct connect to PC's

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Specifications 645066506850
Number of Digits556
Digit Height24in/61cm15in/38cm8in/20cm
Max View in Sunlight1000ft/300m660ft/200m320ft/100m
Display Formats SS.FFF
Wireless OptionInternalInternalInternal

Viewability is accomplished in full sunlight through the unique design of these LED Displays. Units with 8in tall digits can be viewed up to 320 foot using a single row of LED's in each segment of each digit. Our 15 inch tall digit model is viewable up to 660 feet away using a double row of LED's in each segment of each digit.

These displays incorporate many unique display features to enhance the race results displayed to the crowd. The display is fully compatible with Timer AC4 Autocross timing system and RaceAmerica's Display Utility software for PC's. PC race management software can easily interface to these Large Digital Displays and take advantage of the unique RaceAmerica feature set. This display can even be connected to non-RaceAmerica timers and software to display race results in standard display formats.

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Storage and Transportation
Carry Case PixCarry Case Pix

To protect your investment, these custom Carrying Cases were designed to provide a snug fit to the displays. The model 6076 Heavy Duty Carry Case on the left doubles as a shipping case for the 8inch tall digit displays. With all metal reinforced corners and edges, all metal hinges, locking latches, and custom high density foam inserts, this case will protect the scoreboard or display from damage, impacts, and vibration.
The Zippered Softside Carry Cases model 6077, on the right is designed for the 8in/20cm tall digit displays. Constructed with a soft fabric shell encasing a full inch of foam on all sides of the display and a full length zipper for easy access to the display. Model 6075 Carry Case for the 5 inch display has a small compartment to hold the table stands, power cord, and AC power adapter. These carry cases make sense, especially if the display is stored away between events.

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