Wireless Hand Controller
for Track Safety Light Systems
Wireless Hand Control

Wireless Track Safety Lights and Wireless Track Safety Cubes can be controlled from the tower with PC software and now can be controlled without the software using our new Wireless Hand Controller. For race tracks where all the corner lights display the same colors, the Wireless Hand Controller offers common features and multiple functions in a battery powered standalone handheld.


  • Battery powered
  • USB charge port
  • Up to 185 hrs/charge
  • Fully wireless
  • Rubber grips
  • Hanger loop for lanyard
  • Polycarbonate case
  • Up to 2,000ft range

    Owner's Manual

  • Wireless Hand Control Functions:

  • Green Flag
  • Yellow Flag
  • Red Flag
  • Flashing Green
  • Flashing Yellow
  • Flashing Red
  • Checkered
  • White Flag

    Display on Track Safety Light:

  • Battery Level of Handheld Unit
  • Set Brightness Levels
  • rev_a2

    Button functionality can be customized to meet the track needs. Pressing a button or holding down the black button and pressing a button produce eight selectable.

    Here are four standard examples of customizing button presses. Other flags can also be selected in customized versions of the hand controller at no addition cost.


    Tabletop The Wireless Hand Controller can be operated as a handheld or as a tabletop unit by rotating the articulating antenna.

    A USB cable is included for charging the Hand Controller.
    Tabletop Charging the internal battery is accomplished using the USB Charge Port located under the lanyard loop.

    A protective Dust Cover is also included for the USB Charge Port when not in use.
    What our customers are saying:
    "The system works great and has been a huge asset to our racing safety for the events we've had it installed. The wireless handheld has been easy to figure out and use by our Race Director and he feels very comfortable when he hits the appropriate button knowing it will initiate the proper colored LED lights for the condition at hand. I would very highly recommend this system to every track operator in both asphalt and dirt across the country. There is no price on safety and we feel much safer with this system now installed."
    -- Tim Packman, Track President, Lancaster National Speedway and Dragway
    Wireless Hand Controller Video
    View the video for a demonstration of the hand controller controlling Track Safety Lights. The hand controller is preprogrammed with a selection of standard flags for this demonstration.

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