T-Link 3.0 Wireless Technology
The third generation of wireless timing

The third generation of the T-Link product is the most advanced design. Taking inputs from customers on the T-Link1 and T-Link2 defined the design criteria for the T-Link 3.0. Power is provided by a removable, rechargeable USB battery pack with short circuit protection and over voltage and under voltage protection. Leave the T-Link powered on, the battery automatically shuts off to protect from damage. Remove the battery pack and replace it with a fully charged spare. RF output remains consistent throughout the entire battery charge. T-Link 3.0 is the best and most advanced T-Link Wireless technology.
T-Link 3.0 / T-Link Family Comparison
RaceAmerica's T-Link 3.0 Wireless technology can replace most track cables used to connect RaceAmerica Track Sensors to a PC or a timing system. Accuracy of a thousandth of a second is maintained in line-of-sight distances several miles away. High performance Flat Panel style antennas can also be used to upgrade the performance of standard 'Rubber Duckie' antennas for longer distances and non-line-of-sight applications.
The negative effects of electrical noise and radio interference has been greatly reduced and almost completely eliminated by the continuous retry capabilities of the T-Link 3.0 Wireless technology while maintaining 0.001 second accuracy! These units, just like the original T-Link models, will not give up and make every attempt to break through the local interference for up to 10 seconds after the beam trip without loss of accuracy using advanced data correction techniques.
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business end Similar Connections
The new T-Link3 is modeled after the original T-Link and T-Link2 with familiar T-Port connection. The T-Link3 utilizes a dual color status LED to display communications and sensor alignment.

Each T-Link3 Wireless unit is configured with a unique ID code and a Wireless Optimizer Code. These codes are listed on the identity label located above the T-Port on the T-Link3 unit. Valid atocross T-Link3 ID codes are A, B, C, and D. Units with the same optimizer code are compatible with each other. T-Link3 units with the same optimizer code as a T-Link unit are fully compatible.
new battery New Battery Power
T-Link3 incorporates state-of-the-art removable, rechargeable USB Battery Pack. This is the same USB Battery Pack used in the current model of IR Beam Emitters. This an advanced Battery Pack with protection from leaving the T-Link powered on by mistake. The protection circuitry in the battery pack automatically disconnects the battery when it senses over current draw or overvoltage during charging. Keep a spare battery pack charged up as a reserve. When the installed battery pack is exhausted, pull it out and swap in the fully charged battery pack. Back up and operational in seconds.

For more info on Lithium Ion Battery technology click here.

wall mount wall mount wall mount
New Universal Mount
With the new Universal Mount, the T-Link3 can mount just about anywhere and be completely removable. This mount can attach to a wall, mount to a post, or use the standard 1/4-20.

new “battery Universal Spare Backup Units
T-Link3 identifier codes are preset at the factory. Using an external Reconfig Jumper provided with a backup T-Link3 unit, a T-Link3’s ID code can be temporarily changed enabling a single backup unit to replace any unit with the same optimizer code.

To temporarily change the ID code of a T-Link3 unit, power the unit off. Select the Reconfig Jumper with the desired ID code and install into the T-Port of the T-Link3 unit to be reconfigured. Power on the T-Link3 unit. The left LED will flash three short times to confirm the T-Link3 unit has been reconfigured to the new ID code. Unplug the Reconfig Jumper and connect the cable (if used) to the T-Link3 unit for normal use. Do not power off the T-Link3 unit after a new ID code has been assigned. The change of ID is temporary. When the T-Link3 unit is powered off, the ID code will revert back to the factory preset ID shown on the bottom of the T-Link3 unit.

Optional antenna mount and extension cable
For installations where the standard Rubber Duckie antenna must be relocated outside a building for increased signal strength.


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