Timing System Quotation Form for
Speed Trap Timing Systems
To help us quote the timing system features required for your event, please make selections for each of the 5 steps below. Fill in the contact information and your geographic location. To receive a quotation by email, enter your email address in the format of joe@testhome.com or enter your mailing addres in the comments area to receive a hardcopy quotation. Click on SUBMIT FOR QUOTATION to send the completed form to RaceAmerica.

Select Type of System
Hardwired Console Type Timer
Wireless 6-digit LED Display with 5IN/13CM digits
Wireless 6-digit LED Counting Display with 8IN/20CM digits
PC Software + TLink Timer

Select the Power Source
12VDC/24VDC 12 volt DC automotive battery.
110VAC 110 volt AC power adapter.
230VAC 230 volt AC power adapter.

Select the Beam Emitters for the finish line lane width
Model 5040 Standard 50 foot range.
Model 5050 Optional 75 foot range for a wider finish line.
Model 5060 Optional 150 foot range for special aaplications.

Select Options & Accessories
Add Internal Battery to 5IN/13IN LED DIsplays
Add LED DIsplays with 8IN/20CN digits
Add Internal Battery to 5IN/8IN LED DIsplays
Add Cable Winder
Add Storage/Carry Cases
Add Recommended Spares
Add Extended Warranty Service to 12 Months Coverage

Add Extended Warranty Service to 24 Months Coverage

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30 days
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