Converting an older wireless module to current model

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Converting an older wireless module to current model

Postby BennyT » Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:42 am

Our Top 5 has a wireless module that stop working after a big lightning storm came through our area. Several lightning strikes around the track took out several cameras and our scoreboard stop displaying car numbers. I understand we may have an older wireless unit and the current model is compatible with some minor modifications to the #1 position circuit boards.

What is the difference between the wireless we have and the current wireless? and how complicated is it to perform the modifications in the field? We have qualified technical personnel and would prefer to do the mods here rather than ship the circuit boards back to RaceAmerica for the mods.
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Re: Converting an older wireless module to current model

Postby raceamerica » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:48 pm

There is a physical difference between the older wireless modules and the smaller newer modules. The newer modules are mounted on an adapter board to enable the new wireless modules to be used with older existing connector on the circuit board. The older wireless had two connectors, an 11-pin and a 4-pin while the adapter board has an 11-pin header with only ten pins installed and no 4-pin connector.

The first step is to remove the 4-pin connector from the board since it will interfere with the adapter board. The attached video illustrates how to remove the 4-pin connector by cutting the pins at board level with wire cutters.

Click on wireless mods.m4v below to view video:

The adapter board is then inserted into the 11-pin connector as shown in these photos.
Orientation of adapter board relative to 4-pin connector

Note the orientation relative to the 4-pin connector and how the adapter seats on the 11-pin connector once installed.
Final placement of 10-pin into 11-pin connector

You may want to speak with Tech Support at RaceAmerica. Depending on age of your scoreboard, there may be some other mods to the circuit board to make it fully compatible with the new wireless module.
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