Power connection repair on our LED display

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Power connection repair on our LED display

Postby GaryTweet » Fri Jul 01, 2022 12:22 pm

We have a small incident where out LED display was in a minor accident. The power cable was tugged on pretty hard and snapped the alligator clips off. I want to repair it myself but need to know which side of the connector is plus and which is minus.

I have the old connector with one side square and the other side pointy like a triangle.
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Re: Power connection repair on our LED display

Postby raceamerica » Fri Jul 01, 2022 1:31 pm

I have included two photos, one with the older style connector (with square and triangle ends), and the current connector with locking flang on one side.

On the older connector, the triangle side is plus and the square is minus as shown in the photo.

On the current connector, the photo has the locking flang face up for reference.

Also note if the current DC Power Cables have one jacket is knurled while the other is smooth.
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