New Generation LED Drag Trees

  • Purpose built to take advantage of 21st century technology
  • Long lasting light circuits lowers life cycle costs
  • Lightweight construction for easy transportation
  • Low voltage system reduces energy costs (98% more efficient)
  • Can slow down LED’s illumination to match lighting profile of traditional incandescent floodlights
  • Premium microprocessors operation for rapid and accurate communication with all timing system components
  • Link to your current system
  • Modern design for today’s Racetrack

  • Height – Adjustable from 52” to 81”
  • Depth – 9”
  • Width- 20”
  • Weight 83lbs.
  • Microprocessor: Dual microprocessor control
  • Finish: Powder coated satin black aluminum
  • LED’s: 1344 Ultra Bright- Energy Saving LED’s w/ 4.5 inch diameter openings
  • Power Regulation: Auto sensing input w/international range 100-240V, 47-63hz

DTSS LED Drag Tree SST Single-Sided Drag Tree

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