Wireless Solutions

Outside Antenna Mount Kit
Model# 4591A
For installations where wireless equipment is located inside a tower or building, relocating the standard Rubber Duckie antenna to the outside a building will increase signal strength and extend the distance between wireless units. This kit consists of a Universal Mounting Bracket and 10 foot Antenna Extension Cable. The Univeral Mounting Bracket is attached to the outside of the tower to allow line-of-sight with the wireless units on the track.

T-LINK antenna T-LINK antenna T-LINK antenna

Extended Range Antenna Kit
Model# 4590A
When distances become too large for the standard Rubber Duckie antennas and elevating them does not provide for adequate signal strength, higher gain antennas are used. The Extended Range Antenna Kits consist of a 9dBi gain Yagi antenna and a 20 foot Antenna Extension cable with matching connectors. The Yagi antennas are highly directional and designed to be mounted to a vertical post to aid in the aiming of the antenna.


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