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The 2650 XL Advanced was designed with the entry level/novice system in mind. However don’t let the “entry level/novice system fool you. This system is designed with the same dual micro processor technologies, and is accurate to 0.001 same as our professional level systems. This is not a toy people.

The 2650 XL Advanced is a stand-alone system and does not require software or a PC. Race control is run by the 12-button keypad on the 2650 Timer Console. Data capture software is available as an option, and allows for saving data to a PC for future review.

The System allows for 60ft, Speed detection and Finish ET with a variety of cable options ranging from as little a 132ft for R/C up to 1/4Mile and everything in between used by R/C, dirt drags, snow mobile and of course cars and motorcycles.

Most 2650 XLAdvanced system components can be re-used if a track decides to upgraded to a RaceAmerica pro level system at a later date saving money and anxiety of learning a new system.

Scoreboards and printers are available as added features and can even be wireless. Ask us about it.

Types of customers using this system: regional events, clubs, event promoters, corporate customers, ride and drive events, and tracks just getting started.

For more information please see features and specs.

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  • XLscore ADV Data Capture PC Software compatible
  • DTSS LED Tree and Classic Drag Tree compatible
  • Pro and Full starting tree with 0.400 and 0.500 timing
  • Selectable Perfect RT of 0.000 or 0.400/0.500
  • Dial-in/Bracket Breakout and Redlight indicated on the Tree
  • Programmable 4-line Header on all Printed Timeslips
  • Prestage lights can be enabled, disabled, or echo Stage lights
  • Selectable MPH or Km/H speed with selectable trap lengths
  • Background alignment monitoring of track electronics
  • RT, 60FT, Speed and ET displayed on console
  • Built-in RS232 and RS422 Communication Ports for Timeslip Printers and Scoreboards
  • Plug Compatible with RaceAmerica Wireless Data Comm Links
  • Car Numbers can be entered for each lane on standalone console
  • Designed for Drag Racing, Mud Bogs, ATV, and Snowmobiles
  • Sensor Alignment Testing shown on the Tree for Easy Setup
  • Choice of Start Line Beams
  • - Single beam Stage
    - Dual beam Pre-stage & Stage
    - Dual beam Stage & Guard
    - Tri beam Pre-stage, Stage & Guard

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60FT ET (seconds)0.000 to 90.00
Elapsed Time (seconds)0.000 to 90.00
Vehicle Speed (MPH or Km/H)0.00 to 400.00
Reaction Time (seconds)0.000 to 9.999

Hi-Speed Car DetectionEncoded infrared beam
System Control TypePC or Starter's Button
Alternate System ControlXLscore PC Software
XL Advanced Power12VDC, 110VAC, 230VAC
IR Beam EmitterFour AA size or Four C size

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What do I get when I order a 2650 series XL Advanced system?
Both the 2650H (Heads-Up) and 2650B (Bracket) include the XL Adavanced Timer Console with integrated LED Display and 12-Button Keypad, the drag 'Christmas' tree (12VDC, 110VAC or 230VAC tree available), our proven Infrared technology Beam Emitters and Track Sensors, and all the cables to get you started racing.
What do I need to buy in addition to the 2650 series XL Advanced?
Only batteries. The IR Beam Emitters use four AA size or C size batteries, (dependent upon your application) alkaline or Ni-Cad. Batteries last for multiple events.
Can I upgrade my 2200 Pro Tree JR, 2300 series JR Competition, or older 2600XL Advanced system to the 2650 series XL Advanced?
All 2200, 2300, and 2600 models can be upgraded to the 2650 series XL Advanced timing system. Many of the components in these older timing systems are no longer available replaced by the 2650. Contact RaceAmerica for more details. Pricing varies based on what the features already exist on the customer's current equipment and timing system. A great way to reinvest in your timing system and add more features.
What do I purchase to add Speed Detection or 60 Foot ET to the 2650 series XL Advanced system?
Both the 2650H and 2650B measure the Elapsed Time (ET) and driver Reaction Time (RT) on every run. Both 2650 series XL Advanced models can include speed and 60 foot ET connections on the Track Sensor interconnect cable. You need only to purchase one IR Beam Emitter and one IR Track Sensor for each lane and plug the sensors into the cable. The 2650 series XL Advanced can be configured to detect the new sensors and measure vehicle speed on the very next run. It's that easy to add speed detection or 60 foot ET.
If I purchase the 2650H and later I need the Bracket and Indexed Start features of the 2650B, what can I do?
The model 2650H can be upgraded by RaceAmerica to the model 2650B at any time by shipping the Control Console to RaceAmerica. We will upgrade your system with the latest features and fully test your system prior to shipment to insure you do not miss a weekend of racing.
What do I need to do to print timeslips?
Both the 2650H and 2650B include the capability to print timeslips with the addition of the 2650 series XL Advanced Printer Interface Cable and any printer with a RS232 serial interface connection. Each timeslip contains a 4-line header designed by you and customized by RaceAmerica. Everyone who races could walk away with your name and phone number on their timeslip!
How do I stage my car with the 2650 series XL Advanced?
Roll up to the line and into the Starting Line Beam until the staging light on the Christmas tree illuminates. When the race director tells the system to start a race, the starting line electronics automatically convert to starting beams duplicating exactly the NHRA method of determining the start of a race. Add the optional 6026A Guard Beam Electronics, and the additional detection beam detects vehicles rolling forward 16 inches into a second beam. The Guard Beam also duplicates the NHRA method of insuring very low vehicle bodies do not continue to block staging beam after the start of a race.
What if my track length is not a standard length?
RaceAmerica sells a wide variety of cable lengths. Standard lengths include 500 foot and 660 foot cables for snowmobile applications, 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile for fullsize dragstrip applications, and 132 foot and 330 foot cables for R/C scale racing applications. RaceAmerica can custom manufacture a cable to match your track length from as short as a few feet to as long as a 1/4 mile.

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