ET Timer Accessories and Add-ons

Carry Case Pix Model 6070 Custom Carrying Case
Our Blow Molded Carrying Case with custom foam inserts can hold the Timer MB console and the IR Sensors and Emitters to protect them between events. The Carrying Case can also accommodate the printer, printer cable, spare roll of paper, AC Adapters for the timer and the large display, and DC power cables. The best protection offered for the timing equipment is a foam filled custom carrying case fitted to the equipment.
Stands Pix Model 7540 Sensor & Emitter Stands
Our IR Beam Emitters and IR Track Sensors are designed to be positioned flat on the road surface with the beam 1-1/2" off the race surface. If the racing surface has a severe crown or if your preference is to elevate the Emitter and Sensor to detect the body of the vehicle and protect the electronics, our new Foam Stands make it easy to set the beam at 6" off the race surface. These stands can be used for both Emitters and Sensors with easy assembly. The Foam Stand has a 6-1/2" x 7-1/4" footprint and stands 7-5/8" tall and for even more stability, weight can be added to the bottom of the stand or the stand can be attached to the racing surface. The straight forward design of these stands make them perfect for all types of racing events with easy setup and tear down.
Model 6038 Dot Matrix Printer Pix Model 6038 Dot Matrix Printer
Finally! A battery powered printer! This 40-column Dot Matrix Serial Printer ships from RaceAmerica with the battery power supplied from the timing system. No batteries required! The printer uses a standard 1/2" wide ribbon to produce clean, crisp characters on 4-1/2" wide continuous feed paper available at any office supply store. An external paper roll stand is included to accomodate larger rolls of paper. The printer offers a very compact size measuring 8"W x 8"D x 4"H. without the printer roll stand attached.
Winders Pix Model 6085 Cable Reel Winders
The Cable Reel Winder handles all the Category 5 style cables up to 300 feet. Even wind multiple cables on the same winder. Perfect to insure setup and teardown are quick, easy, and cause no damage to the cables.
Winders Pix Model 6080 Cable Bucket Winders
The Cable Bucket Winder makes cable management a whole lot easier by eliminating tangles and knots. The unique features of the bucket allow both ends of the cable to be exposed so you can unwind just the right amount of cable for the particular setup or unwind all the cable and set the bucket aside. Each Bucket Winder will accomodate 660 feet (201 meter) of our heavy duty track cable.

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