TrackSafetyDigitalEX Rev D.0, D.1, D.2

List of fixes and enhancements for a software revision

TrackSafetyDigitalEX Rev D.0, D.1, D.2

Postby raceamerica » Fri May 11, 2018 12:21 pm

code conversion to dsf
one blue option consolidation (internal)
add previous turn yellow on flashing yellow
add current loaded filename to Main Menu and System Settings screens
fix dots in turn assignment for 5-8 not displayed correctly

add brightness control to RUN EVENT screen

add linked flag feature
add basic setup for admin passwording screens

add more error checking on receive from dsf/tsl
convert to double buffering on receive from dsf/tsl

add enhanced error logging for dsf
adapt rmonitor interface for dsf
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