XLscore PRO, XLscore II Rev E.11

List of fixes and enhancements for a software revision

XLscore PRO, XLscore II Rev E.11

Postby lazdee » Fri May 11, 2018 11:32 am

E.11.0 -- (2700/2710 only)
add enable timeslip from timer speeds up timeslips
add manual control with stage queue (car# only)
add auto accept results
add auto ‘load next’ if queue is enable
add comm for dialin displays
add bye run autostart
add Straight-to-Green to tree start selection
change OVERRIDE AUTOSTART to rotating functions
change from last/first name to car#/name
fix iPad stage override upon queue update
fix autostart settings conversion when = 0.9

E.11.1 -- (2700/2710 only)
fix 'no winner runs' from adding to auto accept results
allow auto accept for practice and manual only
update sportsman ladders 9-16 to match current NHRA
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