XLscore PRO, XLscore II Rev E.10

List of fixes and enhancements for a software revision

XLscore PRO, XLscore II Rev E.10

Postby lazdee » Fri May 11, 2018 11:31 am

add iPad driver registration with XLregisterHD app
fix name truncation during announcer screen update
fix h/w rev level update on MAIN MENU
fix timeslip time format for some countries (script error)

fix quick click when selecting class then driver in CHANGE CLASS
fix non storage of Qualify/Practice runs when driver changes class
fix left lane win in dat files (echoed right lane in error)

add scoreboard enable/disable by run
add iPad staging queue XlstageHD app
add First Round Byes ladder seeding
fix speed storage for ladders (er/speed/rt) when speed < 10.00
fix TOWER READY resets when START TREE clicked
fix LANE VIOLATION button during eliminations (no win flip)
fix 2900 align not displayed onscreen
fix highlight/dim of NEXT/PREV button on Reprint Timeslips
fix change of dialins in EDIT PRACTICE or QUALIFY
fix 0.000 in one lane changes both to 0.000, now duplicate good di
fix second sort order by rt in standings and ladders
fix correct rt sort order for both perfect rt types

fix staging queue script error in Practice/Qualify
fix et/rt/spd on ladder contains opposite lane’s if LANE CHOICE was pressed
fix no driver recall on staging html if bye run in left lane

add EDIT ELIMS for ladder editing
enhanced iPad app XLstageHD operation

fix edit of driver name in EDIT ELIMS of ladders
fix win indication not cleared when race re-run in EDIT ELIMS of ladders

fix access from TCP apps when in run screens

fix driver names in html staging screens

fix entering qualify round when PC staging queue is enabled

add red color highlight to redlight, breakout, win
add 60ft realtime display during a run
fix class select rollover in reprint screen
fix class/driver selection did not stick in No-Ladder Utilities
fix error when display config text longer than 8 characters
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