3135 vs 3130 PC software

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3135 vs 3130 PC software

Postby BennyT » Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:54 pm

I have been asked a question about the difference between the controlling our small Top 5 board with the current 3135 standalone software and connecting it with the 3130 software to connect to Orbits or Race Manager.

Do I need to change anything with my Top 5 scoreboard to use the 3130 software?

I am using the 3135 standalone software to manually change the numbers on our scoreboard but our track is finally getting transponders and the goal is to connect the scoreboard to the Orbits software.
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Re: 3135 vs 3130 PC software

Postby raceamerica » Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:39 am

Both 3135A Scoreboard Control software and 3130A Orbits2SB software are fully compatible with all of RaceAmerica's Race Track Scoreboards including position boards like Top 5's or Top 10's, Lap Count Displays, and Lap/Time boards. FTDI drivers for the USB Wireless Unit are loaded as part of the install and create a PC COM port referenced by both software packages.

3135A Scoreboard Control software can send car numbers by position, lap, lap time, time-of-day, and countdown if your scoreboards can handle all of that.

3130A Orbits2SB send Rmonitor feeds from any race program with an Rmonitor scoreboard feed. Lap, lap time, and position numbers are updated realtime. Laps can automatically count up or down based on the race configuration also.
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