Can I mix track safety lights with digital safety flags?

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Can I mix track safety lights with digital safety flags?

Postby Richkim » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:36 pm

Our track runs the model 6752AW track safety lights and controls them with a PC from the tower. We want to add a Digital Safety Flag to the start/finish line and control all the TSLs and the DSF from the same PC program in the tower. Is it possible to mix and match TSLs with DSFs on the same track controlled from the same PC?
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Re: Can I mix track safety lights with digital safety flags?

Postby lazdee » Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:22 pm

Digital Safety Flags can be added to Track Safety Lights and run from a single PC program. Your TSLs are wireless so the DSF should be wireless also. When you order the DSF, specify the Optimizer Code the TSLs use (see back label of TSL). The same Optimizer Code insures the PC will communicate to the TSLs and the DSFs. The PC program you are running currently to control the TSLs is TrackSafety. When adding at least one DSF into the mix, the software to control both TSLs and DSFs is TrackSafetyDigitalEX.

The TrackSafetyDigitalEX software will show flag images for the DSF and what the TSL will display is paired with what the DSF will display. Simple choices like a flashing yellow will show both the DSF and TSL with the same flashing yellow display. For the slow moving vehicle flag displayed on the DSF, it might be paired with a custom designed displayed for the TSL. Selecting the DSF image onscreen will display the DSF image on the DSFs and the TSL design on the TSLs.
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