What does the LED light mean on the Battery Pack?

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What does the LED light mean on the Battery Pack?

Postby samiam » Mon Aug 02, 2021 5:30 pm

I have a few of the battery pack chargeable from a USB connection. When I charge from my wall charger, the LED blinks red then turn yellow and continues to blink, then turns green and continues to blink. Sooner or later the green goes solid. Does this mean the battery is fully charged?

When I unplug the charger, sometimes the LED is yellow and not flashing and sometimes green and not charging. Does this mean it is fully charged also?
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Re: What does the LED light mean on the Battery Pack?

Postby MannerTee » Mon Aug 02, 2021 5:36 pm

Hey similar question -- When I charge from my PC, it takes forever and I get around 30 hours of use. When I charge from my 4-port charger, it charges much faster and I think the battery lasts around 55 hours of use. Both chargers turn the LED green and not flashing when I take it off the charger. Doesn't solid green mean the battery is fully charged?
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Re: What does the LED light mean on the Battery Pack?

Postby raceamerica » Tue Aug 03, 2021 9:48 am

The status LED on the USB Battery Pack is not an exact science.

When charging, the LED blinks red when the battery is fully depleted. The LED turns blinking yellow when charge is approximately 50%. The LED changes to blinking green when nearing a full charge and solid green when the internal charging circuit sense a full charge.

When discharging, the LED is solid green from 100% charge to approximately 50% charge. Yellow from 50% to 30% and red below 30%. Flashing red when 10% of charge and below. These are all approximate and are dependent on the point when fully charged.

The internal charging circuit in the battery pack determines when the internal batteries are fully charged by measuring the current flow into the batteries. As the battery charges, the current flow to the batteries decreases. The charging circuit determines full charge when the current is at a predetermined low level. At that point, the LED turns solid green.

However, if the charger used to charge the USB Battery Pack is weak, it will charge the battery but will reach the low level of current flow sooner than a good charger. The charging circuit senses the low current and changes to fully charged mode even though the battery is not fully charged. That is due to the charger not able to push sufficient current. The end result is the battery just does not seem to last very long or much shorter than expected after a full charge. The LED indicates full charge due to the charging circuit fooled by the weak charger unit.

Generally, the charger must be capable of at least 1A of current or be a 5 watt charger minimum when charging one battery pack. Charge with this level of charger will take 6 to 8 hours for a fully depleted battery pack. A PC USB port generally had a maximum of 500mA or 50% of the desired charging capability. Use a PC to charge the battery will result in a less than fully charged battery pack even though the LED is solid green.

The status of the LED on the USB Battery Pack is completely dependent on the charging process and charger.
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