Digital Safety Flag Hardwired Hand Controller

Standard Connections
The Hand Controller is connected directly to the Digital Safety Flag with a 50FT cable. This allows the flagman to move around with the hand controller. (Click photo at left to enlarge)
Optional Conections
Optional watertight NEMA Interconnect Box located with the flagman provides easy connection to the hand controller. The Hand controller includes a short cable with matching connector, convenient for the flagman and eliminates the longer 50FT hand control cable connected directly to the Digital Safety Flag. (Click photo at left to enlarge)
hand controller Hardwired Hand Controller
All models of Digital Safety Flags can be controlled from the tower or from an optional hand controller hardwired to each DSF. Two models avaialble, up to 9 or 14 customer selected flags can be selected from the hand controller (one additional button reserved to clear the DSF). A press of the button displays the flag and sends notification to the tower.
hand control buttons Interchangeable Flag Images
The customer selects the flags accessible from the hand controller. Flag images are installed in each button at the factory then protected from the environment by a plastic shield. The hand controller can be assigned different flags by the control software and the hand controller buttons easily changed to the new flag images.
Hardwired Hand Controller Video
View the video for a demonstration of the hard controller hardwire connected to a Digital Safety Flag. The hand controller is preprogrammed with a selection of nine flags for this demonstration.

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